"After a couple of years trying various specialists and treatments to ease the muscular pain in my shoulders, Theresa has worked magic! She treated a long-standing tennis injury that was not only preventing me from playing but was also becoming more and more painful in everyday life as I tried to weight-train myself back into shape! Her sessions are very thorough unlike other treatments that I had received. Within each hour-long session, I received intense physical treatment including deep tissue massage, hot and cold treatment and electro-stimulation - where others talk through the issues and the hour is gone before you even get started, Theresa hits you with treatment as soon as you walk through the door. Theresa not only tackled the site of the pain but was also able to identify the source of the problem and suggest just the right rehabilitation exercises to fit in with my lifestyle. Theresa's treatment even extended long after each session as she would apply a hi-tech patch to my shoulder that continued to stimulate my shoulders as I drove back to work! Theresa has helped me to get back on the tennis court and back into the gym and I fully recommend visiting her office!"
- G. Chapman, former patient with rotator cuff injury

"I've had the pleasure of working with Theresa Nguyen, M.P.T. for several years in capacity of having common patients requiring rehabilitation. As a board certified physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist physician), I've been impressed with Ms. Egler's clinical and therapeutic astuteness. An outstanding bedside manner completes the comprehensive physical therapy healing art provisions which leads me to highly recommend without reservation Motion Pros and Theresa Egler, M.P.T. for outpatient physical therapy rehabilitation needs fulfillment."
- Joseph Terrazzino, MD

"As a professional firefighter, I challenge every muscle in my body on a daily basis.  I can go from a deep relaxing sleep to, in less than five minutes, using every ounce of my strength to drag a hose line into a building to extinguish a raging inferno. There is no time to warm up and stretch a little before you start, people need me to be ready to go. The only way I am able to keep up this pace is through a very detailed and consistent work out regimen.  Theresa Egler has put together a challenging yet rewarding training program that allows my body to recover and strengthen naturally using Pilates mat and apparatus training exercises. I am glad to say that with Theresa’s training routine, I have increased my overall core strength and agility levels. I am fortunate to be in a position to do the job that I love. Thanks to Theresa I am able to perform at my highest ability at a moment’s notice with the confidence that my body is ready for the task at hand.

"Thank you very much for all that you do, Theresa."
- Dennis Garrett (professional firefighter)

“My sincere and heartfelt thanks for your outstanding skill, patience, and kindness. Without your persistence, I would not have reached the level of recovery that I have achieved through your professionalism.”
- D. Disbro (former patient, LASD)

“Theresa Egler provides the highest level of therapeutic care simply because she truly cares about the long-term care, welfare and total recovery of each patient. Those who work alongside Theresa share her commitment to every patient.”
- M. Williams (former patient)


We accept Medicare and PPO's (Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Motion Picture, Aetna, United Healthcare and others). We also accept Tricare West HMO. We no longer accept Worker's Compensation. Please call our office to verify your benefits.

A doctor's written diagnosis is required by state law even if it is not required by your insurance for physical therapy.

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