Physical Therapy

Lower extremity & core strengthening on the Reformer

Physical Therapy at our clinic is unique because we combine the science of physical therapy with the art of Pilates. Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strengthening, stretching and posture alignment through a regimen of exercises on the mat and equipment, such as the Reformer and Cadillac. Because it is low-impact, Pilates has widely become accepted by physical therapists and physicians as a means to rehabilitate and prevent injuries. In addition to therapeutic exercises, a physical therapy session may include manual therapy and modalities (ie. ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.).

Exercise ball training

Pilates Can Be Used To Train The Entire Body

Its benefits include:

  • Improved posture and body mechanics
  • Increased joint and muscle flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength and joint stability
  • Improved coordination and balance

A personalized treatment program is developed after a thorough evaluation is performed to assess the specific needs of each client.

Upper body, back & core strengthening

Physical Therapy Services Include:

  • Manual Therapy (joint & soft tissue mobilization)
  • Pilates and traditional therapeutic exercises
  • Light Laser Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Biofeedback
  • Iontophoresis/Phonophoresis
  • Posture Analysis and Correction
  • Neuromuscular Re-education


Passive range of motion (PROM) for post-op rotator cuff repair or frozen shoulder
Stretching and posture education on the Cadillac apparatus
Strength training
We do pediatric physical therapy too!
Electrical stimulation improves circulation and decreases pain and swelling
Pilates improvised for a below knee amputee patient


We accept Medicare and PPO's (Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Motion Picture, Aetna, United Healthcare and others). We also accept Tricare West HMO. We no longer accept Worker's Compensation. Please call our office to verify your benefits.

A doctor's written diagnosis is required by state law even if it is not required by your insurance for physical therapy.

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